Creative Marketing & Promotions: Elevating Brands




Streetz Media Marketing & Promotions: Methodology

Welcome to Streetz Media Creative Marketing and Promotions. We provide promotional staff, event staff, street teams, buzz marketing, outdoor advertising and mobile marketing campaigns.  We get your brand, your company, or product noticed in a direct way to consumers anywhere. We work closely with our clients to maximize their brand assets and to directly shape and manage consumer perceptions.

Streetz Media provides customized brand marketing campaigns for products, services and events. We bring the exposure and the results businesses need in expanding their brands and reinforcing their brand message to specific demographics effectively. We engage and ignite a social influence that begins in local markets, reverberates regionally, then spreads nationwide.

Alternative Marketing: We act as strategic advisors to Fortune 1000 companies seeking understanding of the increasingly influential young urban consumer. We provide customized  campaigns ranging from nationwide event promotion and staffing to interactive promotional stunts with the public, product rollout's, or product sampling campaigns, all executed strategically to your target audience.




Marketing Services

 Streetz Media offers services such as: Experiential Marketing, Event Staffing, Mobile Marketing, Word-of-Mouth (WoM), Field Staff, In-Store Promotions staff, Wild Posting, Youth Marketing, Stunts, PoP Stand Placement and Flyer Distribution.

Streetz Media specializes in select forms of customer relationship management, such as strategic branding, event marketing, buzz marketing, promotional staffing, multi-cultural marketing, youth marketing, street marketing and event staffing.

Streetz Media's clients operate in a wide range of industries from, products and services to food, auto, tech, apparel and entertainment. 

Services and solutions offered below: 

  • Event Staffing, Brand Ambassadors
  • Product Sampling, In-Store Promotions
  • Street Sampling, Street Teams
  • Flyer Distibutions, Collateral Distributions
  • Countertop Display, POP Display Placements
  • Automotive Marketing, Mobile Marketing
  • Liquor Promotions, Alcohol Promotions
  • Ride & Drives, Auto Show Staff
  • Youth Marketing, Social Cause Promotion
  • Lifestyle Marketing, Multi-Cultural Marketing
  • Sports Marketing, Sports Promotions
  • Event Marketing, Event Promotions
  • Creative Advertising

Streetz Media's strategic relationships with the the top qualified promoters, street teamers and brand evangelists across the Washington DC metro area has proven to be invaluable for our clients' exposure to consumers. 

Streetz Media's reputation for brand-building and commitment to the highest level of service and support for our clients, remains the cornerstone of our success.




Brand Marketing: Building Loyalty



Streetz Media specializes in brand promotion and strategic buzz marketing programs across the Washington DC metro area.
To put your brand asset on the radar of your core audience can take either finesse or brute force advertising, depending on who they are and where you target them. 

Streetz Media works closely with clients to customize a campaign that clearly identifies the target demographic as well as the most effective way to engage them.  
Streetz Media will help to shape and manage consumer perceptions in the marketplace as your brand continues to grow. 

We work to create and nurture brand loyalty for our clients' brand assets locally, regionally and nationwide.

  • In-Store Promotions & Outdoor Advertising
  • WoM & Grassroots Marketing
  • Intercept Marketing and Product Demos
  • Lifestyle and Peer-to-Peer Marketing
  • Brand Ambassadors and Brand Mascots
  • Integrated Web Campaigns
  • Guerrilla Marketing and Youth Marketing