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Streetz Media is a creative visual media and marketing company operating in the Washington DC metro area. We are a team of creative professionals with a relentless desire for creating exquisite images and videos that inspire others.

As a creative media and marketing production company based in Washington DC, our goal is to create dynamic videos, pictures and marketing campaigns for some of the most admired companies and people within and outside our locality.

We specialize in creative visual production and photography. Our experts can help you transform your brand through video production, animation, and still photography. Our mission is to elevate your brand through our innovative digital media and photography services.


Streetz Media's Approach

At Streetz Media, we believe that creativity, innovative thinking, and high business sense is interwoven, which is why our team comprises of creative and technical people, producers, animators, 3D artists etc. who endeavour to meet each client’s requirements and challenges in a new and improved method.

Whether we are working on TV commercials, event graphics, photography or any kind of visual media production, an essential factor to us is to create astonishing results through the creative use of digital technology at the highest artistic level.

As a full-service creative design team, we pride ourselves in providing innovative and striking creative thinking and design solutions in branding, marketing, and digital design.

From the initial stages of beginning a project, up till the final stages of delivery and after delivery, we aim to combine our professionalism and competencies with responsiveness and flexibility. We take the time to get to know our clients so that we can effectively unite their brand objectives with intelligent creative design solutions.






Our Clients



Streetz Media isn’t just in the business of being creative. We’re in the business of utilising creativity to motivate audiences on behalf of our clients. This is why we take our time to ensure that we represent our clients brand in the best possible way.

We are professionals in creating filming videos for our clients, no matter their size or their budget. We provide high-quality video production, photography, audio and visual services, as well as motion graphics and visual effects. Whatever the size and scope of the work, we endeavour to bring the same energy and drive to all the projects that we handle, thereby giving our amiable clients the best value for money.

As a video production and marketing company with over 8 years of professional experience, we are authorities when it comes to creating video contents in any layout or format for companies who depend on video for their communication strategies. We work with all kinds of clients in Washington DC metro area, Maryland and Virginia ranging from big brands to small and medium entrepreneur business owners.

We use the power of video and picture to help our clients reach their audience with our fascinating video and photography productions. Our resourceful staff of directors, writers, producers, and editors use their diverse experiences in film production, advertising, social media, journalism, music and reality TV to create projects that connect with audience intellectually and emotionally.

We are more than ready to take you through our trusted and tested process to develop a powerful video and photography solutions into your next campaign. With our high-tech studio, we can film or photograph your next project at our Washington DC location, or we can bring our team of professionals to your doorstep.