Flyer & Collateral Distribution

Services We Offer:

Street Team Hand to Hand


Streetz Media offers direct marketing to consumers with collateral distributions and flyer distributions in all markets across the United States. This is a great way to create a targeted buzz.

Streetz Media's Street Teams or brand ambassadors will work to strategically deliver your brand message to consumers in a specific market or in metropolitan hubs locally or regionally.

Streetz Media's Tactics include: hand-to-hand direct engagement or an all-city "blitz & saturation" campaign in high-traffic areas and into community retail hot-spots.

Great for brand marketing or event marketing, event promotions, youth marketing, peer-to-peer, w-o-m and buzz!


  • Street Teams
  • Flyer Distributions
  • Premiums & Collateral
  • Postcard Distributions
  • Public and Hand-to-Hand
  • Retail Blasts in any city
  • Guerrilla Style Distributions

You can target a specific demographic or the general public.