Training & Portfolio Development Program

Streetz Media’s hands-on curriculum provides in-depth training in all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production.  Graduates of the Steetz Media Training and Portfolio Development program will gain proficiencies in the latest digital media trends, technology and equipment and work on real life client projects to build a dynamic portfolio, rendering them ready to enter the workforce prepared and confident.

Production Beginner Training

  • Production Basics – Creating, Editing and Producing Digital Content
  • Equipment 101 – The 5 Ws of Production
  • Advertising 101- The Psychology of Aesthetics

Production Intermediate Training

  • Production Practicum – Hands on Equipment Experience, Identifying Areas of Focus
  • Campaigns Strategy – The Elements of Successful Campaign Assets
  • Understanding the Client – Questions that Lead to Successful Production Partnerships

Production Advanced Training

  • Production Practicum – Hands on Digital Production
  • Campaign Building Practicum – Hands on Assets Building
  • Client Interfacing – Hands on Building Successful Production Partnerships
  • On the Job training – Becoming an expert in Your Chosen Area of Focus

Portfolio Development Program

  • In Real Life Production Practicum in Area of Focus Counseled by Streetz Pro
  • Client matchmaking

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